Download Play Store

Are you looking to download Play Store? You’ve come to the right place, we’re going to explain step by step how you can download Play Store

What is play Store?

Google Play or Play Store, as it is also known, is the application store created by Google where you can find games, movies, music, books and more. It’s available for any mobile device with an Android operating system. Also, you can log in from any computer by typing in the address bar of your browser

The online Play Store with over a million applications of all varieties including social networking, messengers, games, magazines, books, anti-virus, songs, plus online movie sales and rentals. Popular downloadable applications include WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapc

The main reason for downloading Goole Play Store is the continuous updates. There really is no harm in having continuous updates but you might want to have the latest one on your device. Actually the changes from an older version to a more modern one are insignificant in terms of basic functionality, but if you still have an old one here we explain how to solve it.

See which version you currently have

It’s very easy to find it, just open your Google Play Store and click on Setting, there you can see which version is yours.

It is also possible that you have purchased a Chinese device that does not have your Google Play Store installed, do not worry in that case we just download the APK file that contains the application

Download the APK file

Google Play Store applications come in APK format. So does the store. You must download the APK file which can be found on many websites. We recommend that you do so from APKMirror as it is a trusted site.

It is very simple as we have already checked the version we have on our device just select the latest version and download the file

We must now give permission for our device to be installed correctly. Just go to «Security» and check the «Unknown Sources» box.

Install the APK

Just find where you downloaded the APK file and install it using the Package Installer. The
Finally, disable the «Unknown Sources»


In case you want to use your PC as if it were an Android device you should use emulators
Although there are many emulators I recommend the most famous BlueStacks. Once you download it it’s like having a smartphone on your PC and through it you can enter the Play Store application, download or update all the applications you need. The wonderful world of APP on your PC. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

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